Moving Homes? Here's How You Can Get Free Furniture

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Moving Homes? Here's How You Can Get Free Furniture

Moving to a new home, whether it is rented or bought, can be expensive. Furnishing your home further adds to the cost. What if we told you that there are numerous ways through which you can find free furniture? Yes, it’s possible! Read on to know some of the easiest ways to furnish your home for free!

Ask family and friends

Let your family and friends know that you need furniture. If you’re lucky enough, you might just hit a jackpot. Call, text, or use social media to get the word out. Your friends or family members might have furniture they don’t need or are looking to get rid of. Knowing that you need furniture will spare them the trouble of having to throw their spare furniture out or call someone to take it away.

Visit yard sales

The best time to head to a yard sale is when it is close to its ending time. This is when most of the items, especially the large and bulky ones are sold at a cheaper rate. You can negotiate with the seller to get a better deal. Most times, if the seller simply wants to get rid of the item, you could even get it for free. However, bear in mind that you’re at a yard sale and the seller expects to be paid for the items. If you don't get a good deal, don’t be disappointed.

Check out thrift stores

Thrift stores buy old furniture and put it up for sale. This is a good place to score a great deal on old, yet functional furniture. Many charities provide vouchers for thrift stores, and if you qualify you could get furniture for free. The upside of buying from a thrift store is that you don’t need to worry about the furniture being in a usable condition or not. They all are mostly in a good condition. That said, check the furniture before you take it home, as there are usually no return policies for faulty items at a thrift store.

Recycle your old furniture

You may have not noticed but free furniture could be lying around in your own house. All you have to do is put your creative hat on and turn your old furniture into something new. For example, you could transform your old bookcase and use it as a TV stand or stack some wooden crates to create storage compartments. There are several resources online that you can refer to upcycle your small or large furniture.