Shopping at Hobby Lobby? These Hacks Will Help You Save Money!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Shopping at Hobby Lobby? These Hacks Will Help You Save Money!

Are you only using coupons when shopping at Hobby Lobby to save money? Using coupons is a great start, but if you’re not trying these other hacks, you’re leaving a lot of savings on the table. Here’s how you can save a lot more at Hobby Lobby.

1.Take advantage of the Hobby Lobby sales schedule

If you want to save extra, ensure you plan your shopping trips around the Hobby Lobby sales schedule. Check out the Hobby Lobby weekly ads to know when the items you want go on sale. Some of the categories that are generally discounted every other week include frames, home décor, art & art supplies, floral products, and Paper Studio brand items.

2. Check out the app for Hobby Lobby coupons

You can always find Hobby Lobby coupons on the store’s app. The store, however, has a limit of one coupon per person per day. Although the coupon is the same every day, it expires every Saturday. You can also find a current coupon in the Hobby Lobby weekly ad that changes every Sunday. These coupons can also be used online. However, according to Hobby Lobby’s coupon policy, you cannot use these coupons on items that are marked “Reduced” or listed as “Your Price.”

3. Use Hobby Lobby coupons on sale items if the coupon has a higher discount value

You can’t stack Hobby Lobby coupons on sale items. Instead, you can use a coupon on items that are on sale for less than the coupon discount. For example, if you find an item on sale for 30% off, request the cashier to apply your 40% off coupon on the regular price, instead of giving you a 30% discount. This way you get an extra 10% discount.

4. Print multiple coupons

A few of Hobby Lobby’s coupons, like the 40% off coupon, are valid for one person, per day. It does not say one per family. So, take advantage of this by giving your family members each a coupon and have them pay separately for the items. Ensure you print these coupons from, as in-app coupons won’t work unless it's on a different phone than yours.

5. Get up to 66% off the week before Christmas

As Hobby Lobby doesn’t reorder any holiday or seasonal items, they aim to sell all items by the time each holiday/season arrives. And so, they start offering early discounts on every item. The best time to buy the items you want is when they are at 66% off. This is because there are high chances of those items going out of stock as the prices drop further.

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