You Can Get A Discount On Absolutely Anything With These Tips!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads You Can Get A Discount On Absolutely Anything With These Tips!

Are you shy about asking for a better deal? What you should know is that price tag markings are not always fixed. With these tips, you might be surprised by how easy it is to save a few bucks.

Find the right person & ask the right question

Whether you are shopping for shoes or electronics, your golden path to discounts starts with the person in charge. A simple question to ask politely is, "Is this the best price you can offer me?” Make sure you ask this question when the person is free. The only possible loss from doing this is the possible disappointment of walking away with zero savings or leaving the store without your purchase. Just do not be disrespectful or difficult when you deal with employees.

Offer to pay in cash

By offering to pay for your purchase in cash, you could easily save money if the vendor is able to slash those built-in fees from a cash-only sale. Paying in cash can also help you win the war on plastic. aka debt.

Shop during the less busy hours

Serious shoppers should learn to time their haggle in the evening or early hours when stores are less busy, and so clerks have time to talk. Later in the month when salespeople are trying to meet their quotas can also be a good time to bargain for big-ticket items.

Check what the competition is offering

Before stepping into a store, educate yourself first by doing your research online. Make sure you check online flyers and competitor prices to find the best deal of the day and to download printable in-store coupons. Vendors want your business and they might even beat a posted price if you can show them the competitor's deal.