Here’s How You Can Get a Discount on Apple® Products

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Apple® charges a premium for all their products so if you’re looking for ways to save, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a handy guide to shopping for Apple® products, which will help you figure out the best deals as well as strategies like price matching or getting a discounted price via older phones.

Keep tabs on the product releases

As a company, Apple® follows a schedule for releasing its products. This schedule has a direct impact on the prices of new and old generation Apple® products. So, it is wise to keep tabs on their product release schedule. If you aren’t doing so or don’t have the time to get into it, you could also look up MacRumours Buyer’s Guides which indicates if you should wait to buy the latest Apple® product or grab it immediately. Each item has a corresponding color tab which will convey if it is the right time to purchase a product — an iPad® , for instance.

Can you price match at Apple®?

Price matching means that a store will match another store’s price to get your business. In the traditional sense, Apple® doesn’t price match. However, if you find an Apple® product at say, Target®, that is cheaper than the one at the Apple® store, you can request an executive at the Apple® store to reduce the price. Since Apple® does not offer a price match, there’s no guarantee this will work, but there is no harm in asking.

Trade-in your old Apple® device

With their trade-in program, Apple® offers credit towards a new Apple® purchase or a gift card when you hand in your old device. To check how much you can expect to receive for your old device, visit their website and select the type of device i.e. laptop, desktop, iPad® or iPhone®, and the model from the list, to see the value. In addition, students can also claim a discount by shopping at the Apple® Education store.

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