Smart Ways to Save Money at Chipotle!

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Chipotle is well-known for offering meals made from scratch using fresh ingredients. Over the years, it has gained popularity, and people are willing to spend more for the quality food it offers. But if you’re on a tight budget and looking for ways to save at Chipotle, we’ve got you covered. Check out our simple tips to eat well at this popular Mexican grill without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Join their email list

Be the first to know about special promotions and the occasional free burrito from Chipotle. All you have to do is join their email list. Visit their website to sign up and select your city to get local promotional offers.

2. Gift card promotions

Chipotle runs gift card promotions several times a year. You could get a free burrito if you made a purchase using gift cards. However, to avail of the offer, you may have to buy the gift card in the store in a single transaction.

3. Opt for burrito bowls

Even though the store may claim that the tortilla and burrito bowl has the same amount of food inside, it isn’t so. The Burrito bowl is much bigger and comes with an aluminum lid to hold your food together. If you’d like to get more food for less, then opt for a Burrito bowl.

4. Extra taco shells or tortillas

The best part about buying a burrito bowl is that you can get three tacos or a flour tortilla shell for free. This is also a good way to measure the amount of food you get in a bowl compared to a tortilla. If you ordered a guac, you can ask for it on the side of the bowl. Break the three hard shell tacos and now you have a side of nachos and guac to go with your burrito bowl. This way you can enjoy a wholesome meal at a lower cost.

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