Insider Secrets to Saving More at Target®

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Who doesn’t love shopping at Target®? But saving money at the store can get overwhelming quickly even though there are a ton of ways to do so. However, by reading our guide, and with a little determination and practice you can figure out the best ways to save.

The Target® RedCard™

Once you have a Target® RedCard™, you receive a slew of benefits including discounts and other perks. RedCard™ holders can not only enjoy free shipping on online purchases but can also avail of exclusive discounts when shopping at Target®.

Gift card deals

Every week, you can find various gift card deals at Target®. Often, you’ll find deals on particular items like household, yogurt, personal care, health, or beauty products. However, you will have to download the coupon on your Target Circle™ app. In addition to having a gift card, you can use Target Circle™ coupons as well as manufacturer coupons. For greater savings, you can roll your gift cards, too. For instance, if you receive a gift card at Target® on the purchase of one item, you can use it to get more of the same deals.

Target Circle™ Coupons

Formerly known as Cartwheel offers, Target® coupons have now become the Target Circle™ loyalty program. If you have an account on®, the Target® app, the old Cartwheel app, or a RedCard™, you will get a Target Circle™ account automatically. This gives you an opportunity to receive special offers and discounts.

Take a screenshot of coupon offers

For a smooth experience when using mobile coupons, take a screenshot of the coupon offers you intend to use. This will save you time and effort as you can simply scroll through your pictures when shopping at the store. When you check out, all you have to do is scan your barcode in the app.

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