4 Unusual But Effective Ways To Save On Groceries

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads 4 Unusual But Effective Ways To Save On Groceries

Perhaps you've tried every frugal grocery trick in the book, such as making a spreadsheet, using discounts, and just buying what's on offer. Beyond these, there are plenty of other creative shopping strategies. Take, for example, the following suggestions.

Look for close-dated dairy foods.

When purchasing dairy goods, keep an eye on the sell-by date and ask for a discount if the date is close. A sell-by date differs from an expiration date. It tells the store how long to display the stock for sale (for the purpose of inventory management), according to the US Department of Agriculture. Yogurt, cream cheese, and cottage cheese can all be made from close-dated milk. You can find simple recipes online.

Purchase food at the dollar store.

Is it possible for you to do all of your weekly shopping at a dollar store? No way! However, there are some great deals that you can score on certain items. Coupons are accepted at a number of big-dollar store chains, so take advantage of them. This way, you might even be able to get stuff for free.

Shop at bakery outlets

Think about how much toast and sandwiches the family eats on a daily basis. Now think about paying $1 for a $3.50 multigrain loaf. That's the kind of discounts you'll find at bakery stores, which are places where bakeries sell excess inventory. It's not as if bread is the only item you'll find in a bakery outlet. Anything from bagels and tortillas to coffee and Twizzlers can be found here. Also, remember that bread freezes well, so stock up when you find a good deal.

Shop at restaurant supply stores

Without paying an annual subscription fee, you can often find warehouse-store quantities at restaurant supply stores. These stores primarily tend to the restaurant industry. Some of them, however, give access to the general public. Not everything available at restaurant supply stores is cheaper. Know how much food costs where you regularly buy so you can tell whether you've found a cheaper price.

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