Types of Coupons You Need to Know About

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Coupons are an amazing way to reduce your expenses without sacrificing quality or having to wait for end-of-season sales. But if you’ve never tried couponing before, knowing how to go about the process can undoubtedly get a little daunting. To help you out, we’ve put together this easy guide to the different types of coupons available and explained the perks of couponing. Read on to know more.

Types of coupons

1. Manufacturer coupons: Manufacturer coupons are issued by the manufacturer of a product. For instance, if you find a manufacturer coupon for a tube of Colgate toothpaste, the coupon was issued by Colgate. Since these coupons are offered directly by manufacturing companies, most stores accept them.

2. Store coupons: Store coupons are, on the other hand, issued by select retailers. Store coupons, unlike manufacturer coupons, cannot be used at different stores -- you will only be able to use them at the issuing store. For instance, a coupon issued by Walmart(R) can only be used at Walmart(R) stores.

3. Coupon code: Coupon codes help you score discounts when you shop online. Most online shopping platforms have a specific field on the checkout page, where you can key in the coupon code. Once you enter your code, you'll be able to view the discount. If the coupon code is invalid or incorrect, the website or app will display an error message.

Benefits of couponing

Couponing can bring some wiggle room into your monthly budget, helping you save cash, which you can then spend on other things. Here’s why it’s important to coupon.

  • Couponing can help you purchase things you really need without worrying about the cost.
  • Some coupons help you score free samples.
  • Coupons give you the opportunity to try out new products.
  • When you use coupons, large and expensive purchases become a lot more affordable.

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