The Best Coupons & Where To Find Them

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Are you on a mission to find the best coupons? You’re in luck! From the obvious to the obscure, we’ve got the ultimate list of places where you can find coupons. Follow this list to get busy saving in no time. Dive in!

1. Get printable coupons on brand or manufacturer websites: Find out if your favorite brands have a website. While some sites give away coupons for free, others may require you to sign up.

2. Sign up for a store reward or loyalty card: This is a great way to save money at gas stations and earn cashback.

3. Sign up for the newsletter and text alerts from your favorite stores: Be the first to know about exclusive offers and deals.

4. Subscribe to the Sunday newspaper: Take advantage of the coupon inserts that come with the Sunday paper. Or else, wait till Monday and scoop up the newspaper inserts for free from local coffee shops or paper stands.

5. Cut coupons right off the packaging: Sometimes, you may find coupons on boxed goods. Ensure you cut them off before throwing it away.

6. Request manufacturer coupons through a brand’s contact form: Try to contact your favorite brands. If you’re lucky, you could receive snail mail coupons.

7. Look inside an item’s packaging: Sometimes, coupons and coupon codes are placed inside an item’s packaging. This is done to ensure people don’t rip them off the stands.

8. Discover printable coupons on dedicated coupon sites: There are numerous coupon sites where you can find both printable and digital coupons.,, and are some of the sites you can consider.

9. Save even more with rebate or cash-back apps: There are several apps that pay you in real cash for your spending. You can check out Ibotta®, Rakuten, and Fetch Rewards® to maximize your savings.

10. Check your register receipt: Often, stores add a coupon or promo code at the bottom or back of your register receipt. So, don’t toss that receipt without checking it.

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