Easy Ways To Save A Lot Of Money In Time For Christmas

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Wondering when to start saving for Christmas? The answer is NOW! Yes, start right away! Many people wait until December to buy gifts. With not enough money left to spend, they use their credit cards in panic and end up paying the bills until mid-next year.Smart shoppers start saving from January. If you’re just starting to save money, don’t worry. Here are some easy ways to save up a stash of cash for Christmas.

Shop generic brand items

If you like a particular brand of cereal, yogurt, or snack, see if you can give the generic brand a try. By choosing generic for just 10 meals over two months, you could save over $50 on your grocery bill. If you aren’t keen on going completely generic, consider buying generic staple products like juice, milk, sugar, flour, and produce. When it comes to knocking off your Christmas goals, small changes like these can help you save a bundle!

Use cashback apps

Many cashback apps offer users rewards or points for completing simple activities. That can be spending $15 at a popular store or buying fruits and almond milk. The rewards or points that you get depends on the activity. Now don’t expect to make $1,000 using these apps. You can generally expect to earn from 25 cents to $3 in reward points for the activities you do. If you participate in activities every day, you can earn more than $20 in no time.

Look for deals early

Keep your eyes out for ongoing deals such as end-of-summer, back-to-school, etc. With a little bit of digging, you may find some great end-of-season clothing, stocking stuffers, and deals on expensive items like electronics. Another advantage of shopping early is the shipping time. There have been major shipment delays during the pandemic. As more people will be shopping online this year, it’s better to shop early and avoid paying for expedited shipping.

Have a DIY Christmas

Create your own Christmas gifts. You can find tons of ideas online. If you start looking for DIY Christmas items now, you will have enough time to buy the materials and have them ready on time. Also, making your Christmas gifts early can give you enough time to start over in case your first attempt fails.

Note that the amounts mentioned in this article are just estimates. You could end up saving less or much more, depending on your personal situation.