Top 3 Hacks For Buying Apple® Products At A Discount

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There is a high demand for Apple® devices such as the iPhone®, iPad®, and MacBooks®. Despite their high price tags, shoppers rush to Apple® stores to get their hands on the latest items. If you're looking to stretch your buck, here are some ways you can get a discount on Apple® products.

Get a refurbished model from Apple®.

At Apple®, refurbished goods are significantly cheaper and almost as good as brand-new products. Its refurbished items are mainly Mac®, Apple® iPad®, and Apple® iPod®. So, if you’re in the market for these items, don’t think twice. These products come with the same standard warranty as new items. Other than the packaging, it would be tough to differentiate a refurbished model from a brand-new one.

Get an older model.

If you don’t want to purchase a refurbished model or don’t mind missing out on the latest trends, consider buying an old model. You can get an older model at a reasonable price. Buying an older model means getting specs that are similar to the new models but at a much lower price.

Find a friend who works for Apple®.

An easy way to save on Apple® Products is to ask your friends who work for Apple® to sponsor you. To sponsor, means to place an order for a family member or friend. As per Apple® USA’s Program, employees purchase or ‘sponsor’ up to three iPhone®, one iPad®, one Mac®, one Watch, and one iPod® each calendar year. The employee cannot purchase more than one item. If your friend sponsors your purchase, you get a 6% discount on the item.

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