All About Coupon Storing and Sorting

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The topic of coupon organization needs to be revisited time and again. This is because couponing has definitely become easier due to technology. If you have access to the Internet — be it through a computer, smartphone, or a tablet — you won’t ever need to cut out every single coupon you receive. Instead, a majority of couponers today use one or multiple online tools to not just locate but also cut the coupons they need for their shopping trip on a weekly basis.

Don’t cut every coupon

People don’t utilize even half the coupons they get from a typical newspaper insert. So, why cut and carry around coupons you don’t intend to use? Cutting takes a lot of time and effort so refrain from doing that excessively. This will also help make you committed to weeding expired coupons out of your file at the end of the month.

The whole-insert method

It is quite the task to manage many loose, clipped coupons. This gets even more difficult if your coupon wallet takes a tumble and you end up spilling everything on the floor. So, here’s a less stressful way to go about managing your coupons. You can clip less via the whole-insert method or the “clipless” method. So, instead of cutting out every single coupon that you see in the paper, just create a library of inserts you can refer to. In order to view the coupons by date, write the date you got each insert on the front. You can then plan your shopping trips by using a coupon matchup website.

Coupon matchup lists

You’ll find many coupon bloggers from across the country who put up coupon matchup lists on a weekly basis. These lists are simple to use. You first have to pick the store you want to shop at and click the items you intend on buying from the blog’s list of best coupon deals for the week. If a coupon is available for the item on your list, the list will reflect that information.