Your Go-to Guide To Eating Cheap & Healthy

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Maintaining a healthy diet can be expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, eating healthy can be extremely difficult. Are you looking for ways to save and still eat whole foods? We can help. Follow these clever tips to eat healthy on a budget.

1. Plan your meals for the week

With a bit of planning, you could save every time you visit the grocery store. Pick one day each week to plan your meals for the next week. Then prepare a grocery list. But before you do that, check what you already have in your fridge and cabinets. Once you know what you already have, make a list of things that you need to buy. Only purchase things that you are sure you’ll use. This way, you won’t end up tossing extra food in the trash.

2. Stick to your grocery list

Once you’ve planned your meals and have your grocery list ready, ensure you stick to it. At the grocery store, try to shop for whole foods first. These are generally placed at the perimeter of the store. Unhealthy foods are often placed in the middle aisles of the store. In these aisles, the most expensive items are generally placed at eye level. To avoid expensive purchases, look at the top or bottom of the shelves.

3. Cook at home

Do you eat out often? Try to cook at home, as it is much cheaper than eating out. The money spent to buy food for two people at a restaurant could be used to feed an entire family of four. Make it a habit to cook at home, so you can skip the thought of eating out at the last minute. You can either choose to cook one meal at a time or cook for the entire week on the weekends. The benefit of cooking your own meals is, you know exactly what goes into your food.

4. Buy generic brands

You can find generic brands for nearly any product in many stores. You don’t need to worry about quality, as all food manufacturers follow regular food safety standards. The cost is the only difference between generic and national brands. Generic brands are less expensive. However, ensure you read the ingredients to check if the products match your quality requirements.

5. Stock up during sales

You can save considerably by stocking up your favorite products or staples when they’re on sale. Remember to buy only those products that you’ll definitely use. While shopping, ensure the products you intend to stock will last long and won’t go bad in the meantime. You won’t be saving any money if you purchase products that have a short shelf life.