Tips That Could Help You Find The Best Coupons In Newspapers

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Did you know that not all newspapers carry the same coupons? A Sunday newspaper could be a coupon collector’s goldmine. It may be loaded with numerous national printed inserts that include manufacturer and store coupons, grocery coupons, and retail sales ads. On the other hand, mid-week newspapers could have a section that offers local coupons and weekly specials. Here’s how you can go about looking for coupons you want and save big on your next purchase:

Buy different newspapers

Based on your area of residence, there may be many newspaper options. Before you subscribe to a newspaper service, compare all the different options that are available to you and check out the coupon inserts. Accordingly, you can buy more than one newspaper and save with more coupons.

Buy multiple copies

On days when the newspaper offers multiple coupons for products and services you use, buy more than one copy. For example, if your newspaper costs you $2 and there are coupons worth $7 in the newspaper, it’s worth buying more copies. Also, many stores offer old newspapers at discounted prices. Visit your nearest newspaper stand and ask them if they have any such offer.

Buy newspapers from other towns

Want to build a diverse collection of coupons? Consider buying out-of-town Sunday newspapers that offer coupons for other areas. Generally, grocery stores do not cut-rate on items that coincide with local coupons. Coupons from other areas can help you find more items on sale.

Get hold of missing inserts

Coupon inserts are prone to slipping out of newspapers while in transit. If the coupon section is missing from your newspaper, call the delivery department on the same day requesting them to deliver the weekly ad insert or another paper with all the advertising inserts.

Collect abandoned newspapers

You can easily find different newspapers in public places, such as coffee shops, airports, hotels, waiting rooms, restaurants, and commuter trains. These places usually have newspapers lying around for people to read. You can look for advertising inserts with coupons in these papers.

Check neighborhood trash

In areas that permit people to collect recycled materials from their neighborhood, you’ll find many couponers strolling in the evening around bins on the curb to collect newspapers. Before you go exploring other people’s trash, make sure to check if the area allows such activity.