How to Make the Most of Clearance Sales During Halloween

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Who doesn't like a huge discount during Halloween clearance sales? Halloween clearance sales can be spotted across stores just days after the big holiday, and several items are available at a huge discount. For example, the day after Halloween, the prices of costumes, decor, and candy drop may drop. So, how do you choose what to purchase and what not to? This guide will help you make the most of Halloween clearance sales.


This item is a fairly obvious purchase for Halloween, but it can be useful for so many occasions. Halloween candy is usually wrapped individually into packages which means it can be reused. You can add them to birthday party favors for kids or also inside Christmas stockings. Most kids won't even know that the candy was meant to be for Halloween, and planning in advance can save you some precious dollars. You can also add candy to your child's treasure or treat boxes, as well as for Sunday School rewards. For instance, if a kid has successfully memorized the monthly memory verse, hand them candy.


The prices of Halloween costumes are immediately slashed as soon as the event ends. You can choose a costume that can be used for Christmas or birthday presents. After all, kids love playing dress-up throughout the year, so they make the best recipients for this present.

Baking Mixes and Supplies

A majority of the fall baking mixes, napkins, paper plates, and tableware are put on sale by stores right after Halloween. They do this so that they can accommodate Christmas items. Keep your eyes peeled for baking supplies and disposable items.


Tea lights and candles usually go on sale during the Halloween season. They also make for great Christmas decorations, so it's a good time to grab them cheap.

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