Dairy Queen® Hacks That Will Help You Save Money!

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Love the softest soft serve and meals at Dairy Queen®? What if we told you that you could get them for cheap? Yes! There are a ton of hacks that can help you get the best deals at Dairy Queen®. Read on to learn these hacks so you can save a few bucks on your next fast-food run.

Sign up for the Blizzard® Fan Club at Dairy Queen

If you frequent your local Dairy Queen® location often, you might as well sign up for the Blizzard® Fan Club and save some money. Members receive tons of valuable promos and deals. The best part about this program is that multiple people in your household can sign up. This way you can get several coupons for everyone to use. These coupons are valid for a limited time, so ensure you time your visits to Dairy Queen® accordingly.

You get a free Blizzard® if the one you buy isn't served upside down

The Blizzard® at Dairy Queen® is popularly known for its amazing ability to defy gravity. When turned upside down the ice cream won’t fall out of your cup. At certain participating Dairy Queen® stores, if the Blizzard® is not served upside down, you get the next one for free. This happens quite rarely, so ensure you keep an eye out whenever you order one.

Fill out a survey and get a free Dilly bar

Dilly bars taste even better when you get them for free. If you’re willing to fill out a survey at Dairy Queen®, you can treat yourself to a Dilly Bar at zero cost. Just give your feedback on the service and restaurant and grab a free ice cream! Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?!

Download the official DQ® mobile app

Get exclusive weekly deal updates delivered right to your phone, with the DQ® mobile app. Download the official app to save time and money. You can order ahead and skip the line. Use the app to browse the menu, customize your order and choose delivery. Also, you can easily earn reward points and use them to get tasty treats.

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