GUIDE: All You Need to Know About Couponing at Dollar Tree®

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As you might already know, Dollar Tree® is a pretty cheap place to shop because everything is only a dollar! But did you know that you could use coupons to get items for cheap (even FREE).

Let’s see how you can coupon to save at Dollar Tree®!

If you are new to couponing, Dollar Tree® is probably a great place for you to start learning. This is because it is very straightforward in its prices and its coupon policy. With everything in the store priced at $1.00, the rules are very clear on what they will and won’t accept. So it makes it easier to know which deals you can get.

Manufacturer Coupons

Most often, Dollar Tree® accepts only manufacturer coupons. Sometimes, they have “Customer Appreciation” coupons; these are very rare. This means that you would typically get 10% off your purchase of $10+ at Dollar Tree® stores. Dollar Tree® accepts manufacturer coupons with any coupon value on it but the coupon value will be adjusted down if it is more than the price of the item. For multi-item coupons, as long as the total price of all the items is not less than the value of the coupon, it could be used.

Internet Coupons and more

At Dollar Tree®, they have a limit on two total “like” internet coupons (two printable coupons that are exactly the same) and four total “like” other coupons (inserts, etc) per head.

What Can You Find at Dollar Tree®?

Surely by now, you are wondering why Dollar Tree even has a coupon policy. Though the store carries weird off-brand stuff and party supplies, they also carry a lot of name-brand stuff. This includes brands like Pampers, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Cover Girl®, Cetaphil®, Lysol®, Kraft, and more. Quite often, manufacturer coupons available for name-brand products can be found here. This makes a TON of items totally FREE with coupons! And there it is! Couponing at Dollar Tree® is super simple and to-the-point. In fact, it is unlikely you will land up confused. So, are you ready to start couponing at Dollar Tree®?

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