Ways to Score FREE Walmart® Samples

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Is Walmart® one of your favorite shopping places? Continue reading to discover how to get free products and samples from Walmart®'s stores and website.

Score free samples from Walmart® stores.

One of the easy methods to score free samples from Walmart® is to visit the store. Often, you’ll find folks handing out freebies in the food aisles. This happens mostly on weekends and during peak shopping hours. Along with free food samples, you can also score samples for items such as soap, lotion, shaving cream, and shampoo. We also suggest doing a Google™ search for "Walmart® in-store events" to learn about upcoming free samples, dates, and times.

Get free samples mailed to you.

Walmart® offers 2 free sample boxes: the Baby Box and the Beauty Box.

1. The Walmart® Baby Box

The Walmart® Baby Box is packed with fun freebies for infants and expectant moms. You have to pay a $5 shipping fee, but the samples inside the box more than make up for it. Sign up for free and submit your child’s due date. Walmart® will ship out the boxes on a schedule, ensuring that you and your child have the things you need when you need them. Only after the package has been processed for delivery and is ready to be shipped will you be charged the $5. You may receive samples from name-brand products such as Huggies®, Dove, Pampers®, Neutrogena®, and more.

2. The Walmart® Beauty Box

Beauty product samples are also offered by Walmart®. The Beauty Box from Walmart®, like the Baby Box, is a perfect way to get a lot of free samples. You'll get free samples from brands like Cetaphil®, Aveeno®, Nivea, Biore®, Kleenex®, Garnier®, and Neutrogena® if you only pay $6.98 (includes shipping). Keep in mind that all of the samples you'll get will be for new product launches. Walmart® will send you a new package once a season (four times a year) and will not charge you the $6.98 until the box is ready to be mailed.

Another Walmart® “Free Sample” Secret

Make sure you're following Walmart® on social media because they always share free sample opportunities. Both for in-store and online promotions.

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