Amazing Ways to SAVE at Dollar General®

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Amazing Ways to SAVE at Dollar General®

Dollar General® is one of those stores that is a real treasure trove for great deals and savings. If you like shopping at Dollar General®, here are our best tips to help you make the most of your shopping trip.

Register to get exclusive store coupons: Dollar General®, like many other retailers, offers certain exclusive store coupons to registered users. To get these coupons, you’ll need to sign up for a Dollar General® account. Make sure to also follow the retailer’s social media accounts to be notified of exclusive deals and coupons.

Shop on a Friday or Saturday: Dollar General® offers deals to customers almost every week. For instance, you may get $5 off when you buy things worth $25. These deals are usually available on the Dollar General® website. The only catch is that these deals are only good for a single day, which is almost always either on a Friday or Saturday. These deals typically apply to the entire transaction but ensure you read the fine print. That’s why it’s a good idea to shop at Dollar General® on a Friday or Saturday.

Pay attention when checking out: When you are checking out your items, make sure to pay attention to the prices that you are being charged, so you don’t end up paying more for an item that you thought cost a lot less. Dollar General® sometimes offers instant savings on certain items. If you use a coupon on such an item, the cost of the item may go up instead of down. So, pay attention at the checkout counter and ask the cashier for help if one of your coupons is causing the price of an item to increase.

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