How to Get Nike® Gear for Less

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Who wouldn’t want to have a Nike® swoosh on their clothes and kicks? The only problem is Nike® products can get a little expensive. That said, the brand’s shoes and apparel tend to be really durable, comfortable, and stylish. Don’t worry; we’ve got some great tips to help you get Nike® gear for less. Read on.

Shop Nike® products during Black Friday at Kohl’s®: Kohl’s® Black Friday sale is an important event for shoppers who want to snag the best deals on Nike® products. On top of discounted prices, you also get to earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash(R) for every $50 you spend. What’s more, Kohl’s® also runs shipping specials during Black Friday (which is very useful if you are shopping online), or you can pick up your stuff for free from the store. With the pandemic, there’s no guarantee how they’ll do it this year around, but Kohl’s® currently offers a number of ways to shop safely, so it’s worth checking out this retailer’s store or website during Black Friday.

Shop the End-of-Season Sale at Finish Line to get deep discounts: Finish Line’s End-of-Season sale is a great time to shop Nike® products at a discount. Keep in mind that you don’t have to shop from a Finish Line physical store - the retailer offers free shipping to customers who spend a minimum of $30.

Buy kids’ sizes for adults: Okay, this tip will only work if you have small feet. Let’s say you are a men’s size 7 - instead of picking up shoes from the men’s aisle, get a similar design in the corresponding Big Kids size, and you’ll likely save yourself some money!

Become a Nike® Plus member: Nike® Plus members get the Nike® Friends and Family Pass once every season, and that will get you a discount when shopping at Nike® and Converse® Factory stores (this discount is valid only on a single transaction). You’ll also get free shipping on your orders placed through the Nike® website. And, once you’re a member, make sure to keep an eye out for emails from Nike® - the retailer sometimes sends out promo codes in their emails.

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