5 Amazing Ways to Save Money When Shopping at Belk®

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads 5 Amazing Ways to Save Money When Shopping at Belk®

Belk® is one of those stores where you should try to avoid paying full price. If you shop during sales (which happen quite frequently) and use coupons, you can snag some incredible discounts on items like kitchen appliances, bedding, and more. Read on for some more tips to save money when shopping at Belk®.

1. Download the Belk® app for coupon codes: If you shop frequently at Belk®, make sure to download the Belk® app, which lists new coupon codes every week. You can also find coupons that offer deep discounts on the Belk® website (just make sure to navigate to the “Coupons” section).

2. You can use the same coupon on different items: Although you cannot apply multiple coupons on one product, Belk® allows you to use one coupon on different items, provided you are purchasing all the products in a single transaction. If you have a lot of things to purchase, make sure to pick the best coupon to maximize your savings.

3. Check out Belk® sales: You’ll notice that Belk® has a lot of sales, where items may be priced at significant discounts. Be the first to know about these sales by making sure to check the app or the website regularly.

4. Shop clearance items: Belk® holds clearance sales usually in June and July (for swimwear and back-to-school items) and sometime around January (for winter clothing). During clearance sales, the retailer marks down items substantially, so make sure to snag them immediately.

5. Make purchases during Belk’s® Black Friday sale: If you want to buy well-priced home essentials, look no further. During Black Friday, Belk® offers great discounts on home essentials and kitchen appliances, so take advantage of such sale days.

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