The Best Halloween Items to Buy at Dollar Tree(R)

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The season of spookiness is just around the corner, and that means Halloween decorations will be available at a steal at Dollar Tree(R). If your house so far is completely bare for Halloween, don't worry, because you still have time to get into the festive spirit. All you have to do is visit Dollar Tree(R) online and buy what you need at a bargain. So, you can scare, spook and have loads of fun while maintaining your budget! Here's a list of the best $1 items you may be able to find at Dollar Tree(R)

Scary Plastic Spiders and Webs

Nothing screams "Halloween" like a chunky coating of cobwebs. Dollar Tree(R) typically offers very spooky fake spiders and webs. You can either let them hang by the corner of your porch or drape them over bushes. Blend these items with your everyday decor to truly shock people.

Halloween Party Supplies

Right from orange and black paper plates to Halloween serving trays and plastic silverware, Dollar Tree(R) has all you need to throw the perfect spooky bash. While you're shopping for them, also remember to add some Halloween-themed napkins to your cart, too.

Plastic Pumpkin Buckets and Halloween Totes, Tree Bags

If you've been hunting for a few spooky buckets, treat bags, and tote bags, just head to Dollar Tree(R). If you're looking to do something more out-of-the-box with bags, simply buy some white paper bags, and on the front, draw a jack-o'lantern. Then, cut out the faces using scissors and insert a battery-operated tea light to make Halloween-themed luminaries for your walkway — perfect for trick o’ treaters.

Pumpkin Carving Kits

Are you tired of digging out pumpkin seeds using kitchen utensils? Well, special tools can make your life so much easier. Just grab an inexpensive one for every member of your family. You can also pick up some battery-operated tea lights at Dollar Tree(R) for finishing touches.

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