Walmart® Shopping Hacks, According To A Store Manager

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Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Walmart® almost always has the lowest prices for the items they sell. Here are some tips to improve your shopping experience.

Purchase groceries online

You need not waste time shopping for groceries in-store. Just buy the groceries online, pay online or via the Walmart® app, and pick up the groceries from the store directly — for free! In addition, on your first grocery purchase worth $50 or more, you can also get $10 off. All you need to do is sign up for Walmart’s(R) grocery pickup and look for a promo code that lets you get the discount when placing your order.

Refer a friend, get rewarded

There’s more good news after you place your first order. You can refer your friends to the service and if they use your referral code, you get $10 credited to your Walmart® account. And all in all, getting some extra cash for just referring people is a pretty good side hustle.

Return online orders without hassle

Avoid those really long customer service lines, and make use of the Mobile Express Returns that Walmart® introduced recently. So, when you purchase something online but don’t want to keep it, with Mobile Express Returns, you get a QR code on your Walmart® app. After you receive it, bring your item to the Walmart® store, skip the queue and scan the code on the credit card machine.

Look out for overage

If the value of the item you’re purchasing is less than the coupon value, Walmart® offers you “overage” i.e. the full value of the coupon. You can use this toward other items you have in the cart but the cashier won’t be able to hand you the difference amount in cash. For instance, if you spend $1.97 on a loaf of Franz bread and your coupon can give you $2 off one loaf, Walmart® will give you $0.03 overage which can be used for other purchases.

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