5 Places to Score Amazing Beauty Samples

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads 5 Places to Score Amazing Beauty Samples

Can’t wait to try the latest lipstick or hair mousse but don’t want to spend your hard-earned dollars without knowing if they work? Well, next time you really want to add something to your beauty arsenal but are wondering if the product is worth the cash, all you need to do is get your hands on some samples first. Here are 5 places where you can score all the samples you need, for free.

1. Nordstrom: At the beauty counters of Nordstrom stores, you’ll find little go-to containers of samples that are offered for select purchases. For some brands, the store even offers smaller versions of the actual packaging - these are ideal for travel and are insanely cute.

2. Sephora®: Sephora® also offers customers up to two samples of any item every visit. And, like Nordstrom, they also provide you mini versions of certain products. Also totally worth checking out is Sephora’s® free 15-minute makeover. If you want to try a product but are not sure of how to use it, have the beauty expert use it on you during the makeover.

3. Ulta®: Ulta® typically offers minis in-store, and lets you choose a skincare, fragrance, or variety sampler with your online purchase. Keep an eye out for add-ons as well.

4. The Body Shop®: While The Body Shop® has currently stopped offering free samples in-store, it does, however, sometimes offer samples online. So, keep an eye out when shopping for products on the retailer’s website to get a few free goodies!

5. Aveda™: Aveda™ is really all about free samples. They generously offer samples in-person and online and even provide 20-minute custom facials and a complete makeup application at certain participating stores.

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