Amazing Amazon Shopping Hacks!

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We all love shopping online at Amazon. It's convenient, we can find really great deals, and it just makes life easier in so many ways. But, do you ever feel like you’re paying more than you should when shopping on Amazon?

Well, you don’t have to be worried about that anymore. Here are four secret tips to help you save money when shopping on the popular e-commerce website.

1. Add $20 to your Amazon account and score an additional $5: Available at more than 30,000 participating stores, Amazon Cash is an easy way to add money to your Amazon balance. Paying with Amazon Cash is a great option for people who don’t have a credit card or debit card. All you need to do is visit a participating store, request them to scan the Amazon Cash barcode, which you’ll find within the Amazon app, and then pay them cash for any amount you’d like added (up to $500). The balance will be updated immediately for you to shop on Amazon. The best part about this is that Amazon is currently offering a pretty sweet deal: you get $5 of credit for free when you add $20 or more via Amazon cash for the first time!

2. Use the FillerItem website to reach the free shipping threshold: Unless you are a Prime member, you will need to shop for at least $35 to get the free shipping. There’s nothing worse than having to pay the shipping fee on a $30 order, or worse yet, having to add stuff you really don’t need to your cart just to get free shipping. But, there’s a solution to this: visit the website “FillerItem” and enter the amount of money you need to shop for to get free shipping. The website then pulls out a ton of products that you may actually need. Simply put, you get free shipping and you get to buy products that you require.

3. Opt for “No-Rush Shipping” to get credit: If you are a Prime member but don’t need the products you are purchasing in 2 days, consider opting for the No-Rush Shipping option! By doing this, you’ll get some extra credit that you can use towards things like music, book, or movie downloads. Do this neat trick every time and you’ll quickly have enough credit to get a free movie!

4. Check out the Deals of the Day: Amazon lists a few products in the Deal of the Day section on its platform. Discounts vary significantly from item to item, but you may be able to snatch an item you really want for a significant discount.

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