Top Couponing Mistakes That Can Cost You Dearly

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If you are new to couponing, you are probably quite eager to get started! Before you dive in, you might want to prepare yourself for some of these common couponing mistakes.

Going Overboard

When you first start couponing, it is pretty easy to get sucked into going to multiple stores every week or trying to grab every single freebie. But don’t worry the deals WILL come around again. Choose a few of your favorites stores and stick with just those. Also, try to limit your shopping trips to just once a week or only when you are already out and about near that store.

Spending Too Much Money

Have your spendings increased after you started couponing? Though building up a stockpile could be the reason for it, it could also be that you are buying more than you need. If you do not need the item, do not buy it even if it is an amazing deal since it will just clutter your home and drive up your grocery bill.

Spending Too Much Time

Spending hours couponing is actually something you do not want to do. While couponing can be a real thrill, make sure your priorities are in order.

Being Unorganized

Do you hate when you discover a can of something in your pantry that has expired a year ago? This is extremely common with couponers since they have a stockpile of items. That is why you need to be careful and put newer items at the back and bring the older ones to the front to keep this from happening.

Buying Junk Food

Buying tons of junk food that you normally would not buy can be tricky when it comes to couponing. While coupons for junk food are more prevalent than the coupons for healthy food, it does not mean you need to load up on junk food.

Just Because You Have a Coupon…

This mistake is silly and one of the most common reasons people believe they are not saving money with coupons. Just because you have a coupon for a product, it does not mean you should use it! If you do not like or need the product, you should put the coupon down and step away slowly!