How do WinCo Digital Coupons Work?

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads How do WinCo Digital Coupons Work?

Did you know you could save even more with WinCo’s digital offers? Although WinCo doesn’t require a store card for sales, you can enjoy great savings using digital coupons.

Follow this simple process, which is similar to stores that offer digital coupons.

1. Sign up & register

To access digital coupons, you will need to create a WinCo account. Your account will be linked to your phone number for verification purposes. So, ensure you use an active number. If you don’t have a phone number, contact their customer service department to help you set up.

2. Browse coupons

Once you log in, you can view currently active coupons on the site. Just click the “Clip Coupon” button to save the offer you want.

3. Redeem coupons

Before you checkout, select the “Digital Coupons” button on the payment keypad. Enter the phone number associated with your account and the discount(s) get applied automatically if the product has met the offer requirement.

4. WinCo’s digital coupon policy

WinCo’s standard digital coupon policies include:
- You must buy the product(s) specified on or before the offer expires
- The discount will be applied only if the offer requirements are met
- Since their digital coupons are manufacturer’s coupons, you cannot stack them with another coupon.

5. Selecting coupons

  • First, visit the coupon section at After logging in, you’ll immediately see all the digital coupons available.
  • You can sort through all the coupons by using the filters labeled as CATEGORIES
  • To select a coupon, click on the gray CLIP COUPON button for each coupon you want to select. Upon selecting a coupon, it will be marked with a green tag, labeled as CLIPPED.
  • You can redeem clipped coupons in store by entering the mobile phone number associated with your account at the register. Matching products must all be in the same purchase. Every limit and requirement must be met before the transaction is complete, otherwise the coupon may not be applied to your transaction.

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