Clearance Secrets That’ll Make You Love Walmart® Again

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Walmart® is known and loved for its everyday low prices, and you can almost always find something great on clearance. But, when is the best time to shop clearance items and how do you decide if the deals are worth it? Read on to find out.

1. Clearance items may not always be in a particular aisle: Some Walmart® stores have a separate aisle for clearance items, while others have clearance items spread all around the store. And, some stores have both. So, keep an eye out for clearance items at all times when you are in Walmart®, and make sure to look on end shelves, in particular.

2. Ask an employee for a price reduction on a produce item: If you notice that a produce item is going out of date the next day but hasn’t been marked down yet, you could ask an employee if they will mark it down for you.

3. Buy dented food cans to get a discount: Most Walmart® stores have a particular area in the store where they keep dented food cans that are often discounted. If you haven’t spotted this section in your local Walmart®, ask the employee if the store has an aisle or section for damaged items.

4. Shop for holiday decor after the holidays: Never make the mistake of buying seasonal holiday decorations before the actual holiday - that’s usually when the prices are the highest. Instead, shop a year early to get the lowest prices. When the store is looking to clear their shelves for the next holiday, they will start selling last season’s decorative items at deep discounts.

5. Type the word “clearance” into Walmart’s® search bar to find discounted clearance items online: It really is that easy. From there, you can browse all clearance items or refine your search to find specific products. If you love shopping without leaving the comfort of your home, this is an amazing solution!

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