Top Couponing Myths Debunked

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Many people avoid using coupons because of the various myths that they hear about it. For instance, some people believe couponing takes too much time, while some believe they can’t get coupons for the products they buy most frequently. But, we know couponing is a great practice that can help you save a lot of money. That’s why we decided to debunk the most common couponing myths out there. Read on.

Generic brands always cost less so you don’t need to coupon

Some people avoid couponing because they only buy generic brands, and they believe these brands always cost less. This may be true in some instances but it is not always the case. For example, some stores may allow you to use coupons on items that are on sale. So, if you buy a product that’s on sale using a coupon, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get an excellent discount, which will likely be lesser than what you would pay for the same product from a generic brand.

You need to buy and go through many newspapers

Most couponers don’t buy multiple newspapers just for the coupon inserts. Unless you want to start extreme couponing, you’ll likely be able to manage just as well on printable coupons and your regular Sunday newspaper inserts. Look for coupons on your phone, the back of your receipts, in magazines, on social media accounts of brands, and manufacturers’ websites, if you don’t want to check multiple newspapers.

Couponing takes a lot of time

How much time it takes is solely dependent on you. We’re not saying couponing is super quick. It is easy to get carried away and spend hours doing it, but it’s up to you to set time limits for yourself. For instance, if you work every day, spend about 30 minutes at night to look for coupons - don’t do it for any longer.

Couponing requires you to visit multiple outlets and stores

It’s best if you find a single grocery store and a single drugstore (or two at the most) and focus your efforts there. For instance, if you shop most often at Costco, look for coupons that you can use at Costco and not other stores.

Coupons will make you spend more

Couponing may make you buy things you don’t need, but remember that only you decide what can go into your shopping cart. A good way to ensure you don’t buy unnecessary things is by making a list of things you need. While shopping, make sure to only pick up these items. Avoid buying things you don’t need even if you have coupons for them since it’s likely you won’t be using them.

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