How to Throw a Mind-Blowing Halloween Party on a Budget

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Everyone wants to throw a great party for Halloween, but not everyone has the budget to do so. The cost for costumes, party food, and decorations quickly skyrocket to a significant amount before you know it. But we certainly know some handy tips about avoiding scary bills this Halloween, and that's why we're putting together party ideas for Halloween that you can execute without putting pressure on your wallet.

Purchase Halloween Decor Online

It is true that Walmart® and Target(R) offer a wide range of Halloween party supplies, costumes, and decor. However, if you have a budget of $50, sticking to it at these stores may seem impossible. Therefore, it is best to shop for Halloween decor online or stretch your dollars at sites like Amazon or Oriental Trading Company.

Visit the Dollar Store

To throw a party this season, you'll need basic supplies such as streamers, plasticware, and tablecloths. The Dollar Store is the right place to find cheap Halloween decorations and, in turn, save more.

Borrow Halloween Costumes

Sure, Party City and Target(R) may have cheap Halloween costumes on offer. But if you're on a tight budget, why would you want to pay $20 when you can borrow a costume for free? Inquire with a family member or friend if they have a Halloween ensemble that you can borrow. The costume can be customized with the help of accessories to turn an old idea into something fresh.

Take advantage of In-Store Grocery Deals

Putting together a food menu for Halloween can be stressful because groceries don't come cheap. So be a smart shopper and look at in-store sales and specials. Grocery stores such as Wegmans, Vons, and Publix® may offer a selection of items on sale. You can also look out for "buy one, get one free" specials that may crop up on a weekly basis. So, stock up on staples like snacks, baked goods, and bottled water.

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