What You Can Pick Up for Free at 7-Eleven

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Did you know that you could get free food, drinks, and even Redbox® rentals at your local 7-Eleven? Check out this list of 7-Eleven freebies that you can score for your next shopping trip.

Use 7Rewards® to get free stuff.

Sign up for 7-Eleven’s rewards program known as 7Rewards®. It allows you to collect points and claim rewards such as free food, drinks, and more. The more points you collect, the greater the rewards. For example:

800 points: Free food like granola bars, a pizza slice, donuts, cookies, and drinks like coffee, Big Gulps, and Slurpees®.

1,200 points: Free bottle of soda, candy bar, chips, and hot dogs.

1,500 points: Free premium snacks, nachos, and bakery items.

2,000 points: Free lunch items like salads or sandwiches, or energy drinks.

4,000 points: Free beef jerky or a whole pizza.

These rewards change often, so be sure to check 7-Eleven’s website or app for the latest offers.

7Rewards® Coupons

On the 7Rewards® app, you can find coupons for certain items. These coupons are available in limited quantities, so you’ll want to be quick to claim the offers you’re interested in. You may find coupons for pizza, over-the-counter medicine, cookies, etc. However, these coupons keep changing frequently.

7Rewards® Punch Cards

You also get access to a punch card on the app. This allows you to get one free 7-Eleven hot drink, Big Gulp, Gulp cold drink, iced coffee, or Slurpee® drink of any size for every six drinks that you purchase.

Free Slurpees®

7-Eleven celebrates Free Slurpee Day every summer on July 11th. On this day, you can grab a free small Slurpee® in any available flavor at the store.

Free Redbox® Rentals

Many 7-Eleven stores have Redbox® kiosks outside. These kiosks have lots of codes available that will get you free Redbox® games and movie rentals. Also, keep an eye out for Redbox® promotions that may appear on the kiosks or your bill receipt.

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