Learn How To Use Coupons Effectively

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Couponing is not a one-way ticket out of debt, yet there are ways to use coupons to your advantage without falling victim to the tactics of retailers.

Here are our tips-

Fit couponing into your lifestyle

You do not necessarily have to buy in bulk to get savings. Instead, incorporate coupons into your ordinary routine. You might not have control over the amount of your mortgage or your rent payments. But, what you do have control over is what you spend on groceries items, personal care, entertainment, travel & more. So, make choices that do not go over your budget in the name of bulking and saving.

Look for coupons everywhere

Though you can still find coupons in the Sunday paper, there are plenty of other places too. You can start by running a Google™ search for the name of the retailer plus the word “coupon.” By doing so, you will discover that some websites are dedicated to aggregating deals from all over the internet. You could also find apps that provide notifications of nearby offers.

Get rewarded for your loyalty

Quite often, manufacturers send their customers free stuff simply for telling them how much they love their product. If you do not get free stuff you might get coupons instead.

Develop a process

If you want to make a dent in your monthly bills, try to stack discounts. For example, sign up for a store’s free loyalty program to collect rewards points while you shop, and sign up to become a member of a cashback site such as BeFrugal.com or Ebates.com. This will help you earn extra cash on your purchases. After this, you can combine coupons when applicable. Though using all possible reward options can be time-consuming, it's beneficial when you shop at the same store regularly.

Start small

Coupons may save you a small amount, but don’t get discouraged. Even a few dollars can add up over time. Instead of looking at your savings on every shopping trip, look at your overall savings in a month or a year. By doing so, you will start to see the progress you’ve made in the long run.

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