Little-Known Staples® Shopping Hacks

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Staples® is one of the best places to shop for school and office supplies, but it can get a tad too expensive - unless you are aware of tips to save money! Here, we’ve rounded some of the best shopping tips and tricks that will help you get the most bang for your buck when shopping at Staples®!

Check prices on the Amazon app: Staples® offers a price match guarantee. So, if you bring proof of an identical item having a lower price at any other physical or online store (including Amazon), Staples® will match the price. What’s more, they’ll also give you an extra 10% off. How amazing is that? But, wait, there’s something else - Staples® also offers the price match guarantee for items you bought from their own website or store as well!

Look for discounted gift cards: If you time your purchases around when Staples® has a sale going on, you’ll get good discounts. But, you can increase your savings by paying for your purchase with a discounted Staples® gift card. Check online for discounted gift card sellers and purchase a few gift cards.

Take advantage of back-to-school sales: Typically, during the back-to-school season, Staples® will substantially mark down the prices of a few items - these products are called loss leaders, and they are sold by the company to attract more customers to the store. So, make sure to check out the Staples® store during the back-to-school season and load up on all the marked-down items.

Shop online and opt for in-store pickup: If you can’t wait for your online order to be delivered but don’t want to shop in-store, you can shop on the Staples® website and opt for the free 2-hour in-store pick-up service. If that’s not instant gratification, we don’t know what is!

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can also save money when shopping at Staples® by using coupons, purchasing refurbished and clearance items, and snagging items with the “hot deals” tag when shopping in the store.

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