How to Get the Best Deals When Shopping Clearance Items at Walmart®

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Walmart® is best known for its everyday low prices. There are chances of you finding something on clearance every time you shop. But when is the best time to shop clearance items? Read on to know how you can score the best deals when you shop clearance items at Walmart®.

1. Check out the clearance aisle

While some Walmart®s may have dedicated clearance aisles, others may have clearance items spread across the store. If you’re unable to find the aisle, ask the store manager where you can find the clearance items to make your search easier. While shopping, keep your eye peeled for the yellow and white stickers, and don’t forget to check out the bottom shelves.

2. Clearance items are marked at the start of each month

You can find the widest selection of clearance items as soon as they are marked down, which is within the first five days of the month. This is the perfect time to get your hands on the best deals.

3. Shop produce, meat, and bakery items one day before their “best by” date

These items are marked down the day prior at 8 p.m. So, you can check out the items in advance and plan your shopping accordingly. Of course, this depends on whether the item is still available in-store before its date of expiration.

4. Ask for a price reduction if a produce item is unmarked

Take time to read the fine print to check if the item is going out of the date the next day. If it is about to expire and hasn’t been marked, you can ask a rep to mark it down for you.

5. Buy an item you want when it is at 60% off (or more)

If you find an item that you really want at 60% off, buy it. This is because it’s unlikely that the prices will go down even further. If the discount is under 60%, it could be reduced further, so you can check back later.

6. Save up to 90% on toys

January and July are the best months to find great deals on toys. This is the time when clearance hits 75% off and can go up to 90% off.

7. Buy dented cans to save up to $1 per can

Some Walmart® stores have a section where they keep dented cans at discounted rates. You can ask a rep to help you find this section. If you find a damaged can that doesn’t have a price sticker on it, you can ask for a discount.

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