You Can Get Free Food With No Money (Here's How)

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Whether you’re on a stringent budget or just want to save money on food, there are several ways to get food with no money. Read on as we share effortless ways to get free food in no time.

Subscribe to restaurant newsletters

Many restaurants offer free dishes for subscribing to their newsletter or downloading their app. You can also score freebies during holidays and, of course, your birthdays too. So, next time you visit a restaurant, sign up for their newsletter. If you’re lucky, you may get a small or big item on your purchase for free right away.

Join survey sites

If you don’t mind doing simple tasks for free food, join survey panels. You can earn money and rewards just for sharing your opinions. The best part, you can take these surveys whenever you want to and still get rewarded.

Visit food banks

One of the easiest ways to get free food is to visit food banks. For people who have little or no money, and want nutritious meals, food banks come to their rescue. So, should you or anyone you know need food, check the local food banks. You’ll be surprised to know the number of food banks that exist within a small area.

Get free coupons

Sign up for newsletters, search online, or browse newspaper inserts for free coupons. If you’re lucky, you may find coupons that offer free items on select restaurants. Most brands offer freebies online. Some even pay the postage to send food samples to you for a free trial. So, keep an eye out for such offers.

Find a job at a restaurant

Some restaurants provide free food as an incentive to their employees. Search for restaurant jobs with such offers. This way, you not only get paid but you also get to enjoy free meals.