Here’s How You Can Get Free Sunday Newspaper Coupons

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Sunday newspapers can be a goldmine for couponers. If you are wondering if there’s any way you can get these Sunday newspaper coupons for free without having to buy the newspaper, read on - we’ve got some out-of-the-box tips for you.

1. Ask a librarian: Your local library may have a subscription to the Sunday paper, and the coupon inserts likely get delivered along with the paper. If you frequent your local library, go on a Monday and ask the librarian if you can go through Sunday’s paper.

2. Check if there are unwanted/unclaimed coupons in the mailbox: Even though couponing is great, not everyone does it. If you live in a large apartment complex or share a mailroom, check if your neighbors have left their coupons behind. If you spot any unclaimed coupons, ask your neighbors if you can take them. Make sure to not take any coupons without first asking your neighbors!

3. Check if the local schools have a newspaper recycling program: A number of schools have kids participate in newspaper programs since it can help them get involved in national news. This essentially means classrooms are likely to be filled with coupon inserts. This tip works best if you approach the school in which your own kids study.

4. Ask your neighbors: Have you spotted your neighbors discarding their newspaper coupon inserts? Ask around and check if they can give you their unused coupon inserts instead.

5. Ask your local convenience stores and gas stations: Convenience stores and gas stations will likely have a number of unsold papers (with the coupon inserts). In a few cities, store managers only have to return the front page of the paper to the carrier. The remaining sheets are tossed into the trash. So, if you visit particular stores or gas stations very often, you could ask the manager to save the newspaper for you. Unfortunately, this tip won’t work everywhere because some newspaper carriers collect the entire newspaper bundle.

You could also check out fast-food restaurants and coffee shops that you visit frequently. If you don’t mind paying a bit, consider purchasing discounted newspapers from dollar stores. Many grocery stores even allow you to buy old newspapers at a significant discount.