The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Savings When Shopping at Walmart® for Black Friday

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Savings When Shopping at Walmart® for Black Friday

If you like shopping at Walmart®, you certainly shouldn’t miss the retailer’s Black Friday sale. This year, however, since Walmart® will be limiting the number of customers in-store to maintain social distancing, most of the deals will be offered online on the Walmart® website. Here are our top 5 tips to make the most of your Black Friday shopping at Walmart® - whether you are buying in-store or online.

Keep an eye out for Special Buy doorbusters

Walmart® offers products that are heavily discounted - such products are labeled “Special Buy.” These items sell out really fast, especially online. So, make sure to look for the Special Buy item as soon as the sale goes live.

Look out for deals on TVs and toys

Whether you want a big-screen TV or cheap toys, Walmart® should be your go-to, especially during the Black Friday sale. The retailer offers excellent discounts on these items both online and in-store.

Shop Apple® products

Apple® rarely offers discounts to customers, so even a 25% off deal is considered great. In 2019, Walmart® sold the 32GB variant of the Prepaid Straight Talk Apple® iPhone 6s for just $99. It is expected that Apple® products may be sold at a discount this year, too. So, make sure to look out for Apple® products at Walmart® - if you find any products that are discounted, grab it immediately!

Use color-coded maps to find the items you want at Walmart®

During the Black Friday sale, you can’t expect to find items where they are normally placed, so make sure to use the retailer’s app that has color-coded zones for different categories of products mapped out. This will help you find what you need, without wasting too much time.

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