How To Save The Most At Whole Foods

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Shopping for groceries can be expensive at Whole Foods. However, the more prepared and informed you are, the more frugal you can be with your purchases. An Amazon Prime membership can give you the best payoff when shopping at Whole Foods, but that isn’t the only way to save. Here are some other ways through which both Prime and non-Prime members can save the most at Whole Foods.

If you’re a Prime member

Check out weekly featured deals: Deals that are exclusive to Prime members are marked in blue throughout Whole Foods’ stores. The savings on these deals can be as much as 50%. If you don’t want to visit the store, you can check out Prime deals on the Whole Foods’ website. Just enter your zip code to check the latest offers in your local store.

Get extra 10% off storewide sales: While weekly storewide sale prices are available for all customers, Prime members get an additional 10% off.

Free grocery delivery: With a minimum purchase order (in most cases $35), Prime members can order online and get their groceries delivered for free. However, this offer is available in select zip codes. So, ensure you check if the offer is available in your location, before placing an order.

Get 5% cashback: If you shop regularly at Whole Foods having an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa® Signature Card can help your savings add up. The card offers 5% cashback for all of your Whole Foods purchases

If you’re a Non-Prime Member

Use coupons: Whole Foods accepts manufacturers’ coupons. The store also allows you to stack coupons with their sales. So, the trick is to check their weekly sales and see if there are any manufacturer coupons available. This is an easy way to maximize your savings.

Buy in bulk: If you’re in the market for spices, steel-cut oats, dried fruit, and whole grains, buying them in bulk at Whole Foods could help score a great bargain.

Search for 365 Everyday Value® brand: While natural and organic food items come with a higher price tag, Whole Foods’ private label brand 365 Everyday Value® offers hundreds of items at affordable rates. Its selection of dried pasta, spices, frozen food, and vegetables is not only a good deal but also great in quality.

Follow your local store on social media: Deals and offers at Whole Foods’ stores vary in each location. To avoid missing out on great deals, make sure you follow them on social media. This way you can stay updated with the latest sales in your local store.

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