Genius Tricks To Save Money At Costco®

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Most shoppers love Costco® for its bulk products, low prices and, of course, free samples. This membership-based store can be an overwhelming maze of deals and discounts. Costco® memberships come with many perks, including vacation deals, cheap gas, and discounts on prescription medication. Though Costco® has a lot of great deals, it can sometimes be tricky to weed through them to find the best ones. Let’s see how you can save time and money while shopping at Costco®

Walk straight into the center of the store

The flashy displays in the front of the store may look fun and enticing, but they're likely to be more expensive. Instead, head over to the center of the store to find some of the best deals.

Keep an eye out for the "star"

Items that have an asterisk on the price tag, will not be restocked. So make sure to buy them while they are still available.

Split bulk items with friends and family

Buying in bulk may offer you major savings, but you may not have enough storage space for everything. That’s why, you should consider splitting bulk items with friends and family. By doing so, you and a friend can see major savings, without being weighed down by having more than you need.

Visit Costco® at the end of summer for end-of-season sales

Costco® has one of the great end-of-season sales, especially at the end of summer. Seasonal items like pool toys and patio furniture are heavily marked down to make room for next season's products.

Check out the food court

Costco's® food court has some of the tastiest and cheapest meals. So, make sure to eat something there.

Crack the pricing code.

If a product ends with $0.99, it's classified as regular priced merchandise. If an Item ends with $0.97, it means it has been marked down. Price tags ending in $0.88 are usually markdowns by a manager trying to get rid of a product.

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