How to Build a Coupon Routine

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If you don’t want to get into extreme couponing but still want to save money via coupons when you shop, then we’ve got you covered. Not everyone can be an extreme couponer but you can surely become more organized by building a routine. Here are a few tips.

Make a list of your groceries

First things first, check your pantry thoroughly. Think about the meals you would like to make over the next few days or weeks. If there’s an item you need but don’t have already, add it to the list.

Organize your coupons

Look up coupons online. If you find one for an item that you intend to buy immediately or in the near future, print it. But only print coupons for things that you will use time and again, not for items that you will never use. You may even find coupons in your local paper or your local library. For example, local papers may come with coupon inserts that you can save for yourself each week. Some local libraries may also offer a coupon basket where you can grab coupons that you like and leave behind those you don’t need.

How to use inserts correctly

If you prefer getting your coupons from the local paper, look out for offers on newspaper subscriptions so you can save more. If you don’t want to commit to a full-time subscription but just try it out, then head to your local grocery store or a gas station close by and purchase the Sunday paper. A great way to stay organized when using inserts from the paper is to date each insert with a marker. This way, you will not have trouble finding the coupons that you need.

Storing coupons

After printing the coupons that you need, clip them apart and file the batch in an accordion envelope. You could organize the coupons by item and store sections such as food or health & beauty. You could also try using a coupon binder.