Here’s How You Can Save More When Shopping At Walgreens®

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Enjoy shopping at Walgreens®? You can use coupons to save money while shopping at the store. But, new couponers may feel intimidated by all the layers of savings, and the rewards and points offered by the store. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you save more when shopping at Walgreens®.

Walgreens® has two reward programs: The rewards programs are Walgreen Balance® Rewards and Walgreens Register Rewards®.

  • Balance® Rewards are a loyalty program that you will need to join to be eligible for. This account will be linked to your contact number.
  • Register Rewards® are checkout coupons that you will receive when you buy qualifying items - customers are not required to sign up for this.

You get Balance® Rewards points if you buy a qualifying item: You will likely find Balance® Rewards promotions advertised in the store’s weekly ad. If you purchase qualifying items and provide your contact number to the cashier at the checkout counter, they will add the points to your account. As you keep making purchases at Walgreens®, you will accumulate more points. Listed below is how much these points are worth currently:

  • 1,000 points are equal to $1
  • 2,000 points are equal to $2
  • 3,000 points are equal to $3
  • $4,000 points are equal to $4
  • $5,000 points are equal to $5

To check how many points you have accumulated, you will need to log into the Walgreens® app.

Balance® Rewards expire after a year: Your Balance® Rewards points will expire after a one-year period. Your points will also expire if your account has been inactive for 6 months.

Register Rewards® are manufacturer coupons: Register Rewards® are essentially manufacturer coupons. Register Rewards®, like any other manufacturer coupon, is subject to the coupon policy of Walgreens®. These rewards, unlike Balance® Rewards, expire a lot quicker (typically, in two weeks so make sure to use them up quickly).

You can use one manufacturer coupon per item: The store’s coupon policy only allows customers to use one manufacturer coupon for every item they purchase.

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