Want to Save on Diapers? Get Them for FREE!

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Given that raising a child is a long-term endeavor, don't you think we should try to get all the freebies we can get during the process? There are many ways to save money through this journey, but finding free baby diapers for your little bundle of joy is where it's at. Here's a handy guide on how you can minimize your expenses and stock up on those baby diapering essentials.

Magazine subscriptions at no cost

When you sign up for a magazine for free, you're putting your name on a list that indicates you are interested in receiving promotional material. Baby diaper companies are always looking for new customers, so when you subscribe to a free magazine, your name and details, provided you fit the company’s demographic, will be passed on to them. The company will then try to connect with you (by sending you promotional items like coupons or free products).

Huggies® Rewards Program

To get started with Huggies® Rewards+, all you need to do is download the Fetch Rewards app. Then, find the baby section and tap the Huggies® logo to enrol in the program. Once that’s done, you’ll be eligible to earn points for gift cards that will help you win freebies such as diapers.

Pampers(R) Club App program

This program from Pampers(R) is available on both mobile devices via the Pampers Club App, and the web. The rewards catalog features exciting items and you can check if there’s anything related to diapers that you can claim.

And, lastly, most hospitals send home new parents with a few diapers after the delivery. If you need more diapers, ask the hospital staff. If they aren't low on stock, the staff may accommodate your request.

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