What kind of Black Friday shopper are you?

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads What kind of Black Friday shopper are you?

1. How do you navigate your way around a mall?

a) Why do people still go to malls instead of shopping online?

b) I have a detailed and extensive list of where I need to go and what I want

2. You spot the perfect New Year’s outfit but there’s only one piece left in your correct size. You and a fellow shopper eye it at the same time! What do you do?

a) I don’t have time for all this

b) I run and grab it… THAT IS MINE!

3. What do you love the most about shopping?

a) I don’t have to return any items from my shipments

b) Finding everything I need to buy & crossing it off my list

4. What do you least prefer about shopping?

a) Waiting for my package to arrive

b) Never finding what I really want

5) How excited are you to go shopping on Black Friday?

a) Not really, going to grab other deals instead

b) Extremely! I’m already thinking about what I want from the stores


Mostly a’s

You’re an online shopper. You’re waiting for Cyber Monday so you get to start clicking instead of standing in those long queues. You’re not a fan of the Black Friday in-store madness and you like to avoid the crowd. You prefer shopping online to grab awesome deals (even if it’s a few days later). But, be careful while you swipe that card- we want deals, not debts, remember?

Mostly b’s

You’re a shopping queen and a planning princess! You love to shop and that’s the one thing you know how to do extremely well. Black Friday season is when you are in your truest form. However, you could also get a little aggressive when it comes to shopping in those sales. You might want to ease up a bit, so you don’t scare people off (unless you want to!). Either way, happy Black Friday shopping!