Your Guide to Digital Coupons on Grocery Store Apps

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Did you know you could clip coupons directly through the smartphone apps of retailers? Yes, it’s true! You no longer have to scour local newspapers and visit a dozen or so websites to find a few great coupons! Most grocery store apps contain both manufacturer and store coupons, in addition to exclusive digital coupons - and you could be collecting these coupons with minimum effort.

While some retailers allow you to shop and clip coupons through the same app, others have different apps for shopping and couponing - this makes things a little complicated. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve listed out the top grocery store apps and explained how you should go about couponing once you have these apps downloaded.

Kroger® app

The Kroger app lets you shop, coupon, and pretty much do everything else. You can use the app to load your Kroger digital coupons onto the Shopper’s Card you have (you’ll need to create this within the app). If you use the Kroger app, it’s a good idea to accept push notifications, so you are notified of freebies and other deals.

Dollar General® app

The Dollar General app is another great option if you like shopping at the store. The app lets you add digital coupons to your account. But, you will need to use your contact number when you are at the checkout counter in the store to use the coupon. But, it’s still worthwhile having this app on your smartphone since the coupons are quite good.

Walgreens® app

The Walgreens® app is pretty straightforward to use. It allows you to clip coupons and add them to your account, so you can use them during checkout.

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