Expert Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Expert Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Who says grocery shopping is tough when you are on a budget? Our expert tips will help you buy great-quality groceries without breaking the bank. All you need is a little creativity and advanced planning to eat healthy, balanced meals that are also delicious.

1. Shop non-perishables online: Products like granola, protein bars, and nuts are ideal for shopping online from retailers like Amazon or your local store’s website. It saves you money because you’ll likely find a lot of deals and you won’t have to pay food tax. You also may not have to pay for shopping, which is an added benefit.

2. Buy perishable items in small quantities: Spoiled food that is thrown into the garbage is no bargain. So, try buying fresh produce in small portions that you know you can use up in about a week. Also, instead of only purchasing fresh produce, make sure to look for frozen vegetables and fruits, which typically last longer and make for healthy snacks.

3. Buy seasonal produce: Not only will you save cash by doing this, but you will also be able to enjoy wholesome food. Keep in mind that in-season produce tends to taste a lot better as well.

4. Buy cereals and meat in bulk: You’ll save a lot more money by buying cereal and meat in bulk. If you don’t eat meat, consider purchasing beans. Also, purchase oatmeal in bulk instead of buying those individual flavored packets that have a ton of added sugar and salt.

5. Compare prices before you buy: One of the best ways to save money on groceries is by being an informed shopper. This means you should use weekly mailers to plan out what groceries to purchase and take some time to check and compare the prices of your favorite food items from different stores. This prevents impulse purchases and can make your food budget last longer.

6. Be smart with couponing: Clipping coupons can feel like quite an accomplishment, but on the flip side, it may persuade you to buy things you normally would not buy. If the coupon is for an item you need, look for stores that offer double coupon redemption to save more.

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