Shopping at Swarovski? Here’s How You Can Save Money!

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Who doesn’t love shopping at Swarovski? Ranging from fun and frilly to elegant and refined, their pieces look stunning. Not only is Swarovski’s jewelry great to buy for yourself, but the pieces also make great gifts since they have a big “wow factor.” The only downside is that Swarovski’s retail prices can be a little steep unless you know how to get the best deals. Here are some of our favorite tricks to save money when shopping at Swarovski.

1. Shop at the store during a sale: One of the best ways to save money on Swarovski jewelry is by shopping at the store during a sale. Swarovski has outlets in a total of 12 states, and the stores usually have sales for Black Friday, the 4th of July, and other holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

2. Check our Swarovski’s online outlet: If there’s no Swarovski store near you, you could still get amazing deals by visiting the company’s Online Outlet (which is a part of their main website). You’ll find everything from jewelry to watches to fashion accessories and decorations here. The only thing to remember is that the selection is pretty limited and the items are listed for a relatively short time. While the deals can be great, it’s a good idea to buy more expensive items that have been substantially marked down for more value for your money.

3. Buy Swarovski jewelry at other retail stores: A few stores that carry Swarovski jewelry include Kohl’s®, JCPenney®, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Each of these stores has its own sales cycles and promotions, which you could take advantage of to buy Swarovski’s jewelry for less.

4. Shop at discount stores: Discount stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls carry designer brands like Swarovski at a discounted price, but the selection is quite limited. That said, it’s worth checking out these stores since you could land some excellent deals.

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