How to Coupon Like a Pro at RiteAid®

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Drugstore shopping is the easiest way to save money using coupons. If you want to learn how to coupon at Rite Aid®, we can help. Read on to know how you can save at one of America’s largest drug stores by stacking coupons with Rite Aid® sales and promotions.

1. Get a Wellness+ card.

To coupon at Rite Aid®, you will need a Wellness+ card. You can sign up for a Wellness+ account at free of cost. The card helps you earn Wellness+ Points and Wellness+ BonusCash, which can be used as store credits for future purchases.

2. Stack up to three coupons

Rite Aid’s coupon policy permits you to stack up to three coupons per item. This includes one RC49 Rite Aid store coupon, one RC48 Valuable Coupon, and one manufacturer coupon.

3. Use multiple rebate app offers

As rebate app offers aren’t coupons, you can use them in addition to manufacturer and store coupons. Applying rebate offers on top of your coupons can help you lower your cost. Therefore, make it a habit to check the rebate app offers at least two times a week. This way you won’t miss an opportunity to save.

4. Use a coupon on the paid item in a BOGO promotion

At Rite Aid®, you are allowed to use only one coupon on a pair of BOGO items. While the coupon cannot be used on the free item, you can still use a coupon on the paid item, as long as the value of the coupon doesn’t exceed the selling price. If the coupon exceeds the selling price, Rite Aid® will accept the coupon but will lower the coupon’s value to match the selling price of the item.

5. Earn Wellness+ Points on clearance items

Clearance items can help you save up to 75%. You can save more by using store and manufacturer coupons on clearance prices. If a clearance item is on BonusCash promotion, you can earn BonusCash and Wellness+ Points for every dollar spent. So, next time you shop at Rite Aid®, look closely for clearance items. They are often in baskets near the front of the store or can be found at their normal spots on the shelves.

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