Checklist for Your First Shopping Trip with Coupons

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Sometimes the most challenging part about couponing is walking into the store and doing the first transaction. After all, if you’ve never used a coupon before, you’re likely to have plenty of questions lurking in your mind. Worry not - we’ve put together a quick checklist that will help you stay on top of things during your first couponing experience at the store.

Print your coupons: The first thing you should do is print or clip your coupons. If you are looking to print coupons, keep in mind that most coupon websites will only let you print up to two coupons per account. One way to work around this is by asking your partner to sign up on coupon sites and print coupons from their account as well.

Read the fine print: Once you have your coupons clipped or printed, it’s a good idea to organize them by date and category. You’ll, ideally, want to use the ones that have the closest expiration date immediately. Make sure to also check if there are any print limitations mentioned.

Use coupons at just one store: If you are just starting out, avoid couponing at all stores you visit. To prevent coupon burnout and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, use your coupons at just one store until you get the hang of it. You can choose any store - Walgreens(R), Target®, or CVS - it does not really matter. Just go through the store’s coupon policy before you reach the outlet.

Sign up for the store’s loyalty program: If you visit a store that has a loyalty program, make sure to sign up for it. Doing this will help you earn points, access exclusive offers, and more.

Start using coupons for items like toilet paper and other personal care items: These items are usually quite expensive and they don’t expire, so if you find a good coupon for such items, use it.

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