Secret Ways to Save Money at Menards®

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Enjoy shopping at Menards®? Like saving money? Then, this article is for you! Menards® is a home improvement store that's similar to Home Depot or Lowe's with over 300 locations in the Midwest. In this article, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade to save money at Menards.

Price Adjustments

If an item purchased at Menards® goes on sale within 14 days after you buy it, you can take the receipt to a Menards® outlet to get the difference back in store credit. Or if the purchased item would be cheaper with a rebate, you can also take the receipt to the store, return the item, and then rebuy it.


Rebates are one of the biggest “money makers” for consumers and the store. Consumers can take advantage of every “free after rebate” item at Menards®, by using the Menards® rebate checks to buy more free-after-rebate items.

11% Price Adjustment Rebate

If you purchased something a week or two before the 11% off sale, you may ask for a price adjustment rebate form at the Menards® counter. You must then send in your original receipts (no print off at the kiosks) to get 11% back on regularly priced items.

Menards® Big Card® 2% rebate

You could earn 2% off on all Menards® purchases that you pay for with your Menards® Big Card®. You could also choose the 6-month or 48-month financing options instead of the rebate.


Online Clearance: On the Menards'® website, look under “Ray's List” for closeouts, limited offers, open box, and clearance items. You can also search by which bargain items are available at your local store(s). These items are usually store display models, unclaimed special orders, and slightly dented products all priced below retail.

In-Store Clearance: Menards® has clearance sections all over their store, so do make sure you take a full walk-around so that you don't miss any hidden treasures. Here are some places to check when you go shopping at Menards - table/shelves by the front door for small clearance aisles and the back wall of the store for cabinets and bigger items®.

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