Home Depot® Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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If you’ve done a home improvement project, you know that Home Depot® is the place to go. This store is perfect for finding tools, plants, home décor, paint, and so much more, but, did you know that you could get these items for less? Let’s take a look at some hacks for shopping at Home Depot®.

Take advantage of their price match promise

If you find a better price at any other store, Home Depot® will match it. This means that Home Depot® will always try to offer the best price, and there’s no need to shop around.

Don’t be afraid to return plants that didn’t make it

If your plant is less than green, you can return it and get a refund. So don’t be afraid of buying plants; know that you can replace the ones that don’t survive.

Ask about discounted floor samples

Though Home Depot® doesn’t have sample sales, if you ask for a good price on their floor samples, they may give you one. This means great prices on patio furniture and other outdoor furniture pieces as well.

Look out for the purple mark

Discounted lumber is always marked with a purple line. So, remember to look for these lines the next time you’re working on a project that requires scrap wood.

Cash in those rebates

Home Depot® offers mail-in rebates on a wide range of the items they sell. So make sure to save all of those receipts and cash in rebates so that you can get some extra cashback on your purchases.

Clearance items will be on the end caps

You don’t have to go far to find a great deal at Home Depot®. Just look towards the end caps and you'll find most of the clearance items there. Keep in mind that recent markdowns will also be found in these areas, so they’re worth checking out when you arrive.

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